Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

A juvenile can be arrested for any type of criminal offense for which an adult can be arrested. If you or a loved one is facing juvenile criminal charges, you need to seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

Juvenile Crimes

Experienced Sycamore Juvenile Defense Attorney

It is essential that you retain an attorney as soon as possible after you or your child has been arrested. The juvenile delinquency and criminal process is unique and there is a separate court system for juvenile offenders. I am Mary Petruchius and I have more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer. I am dedicated to answering your questions and alleviating your fears regarding what will happen in your child’s case. I am prepared to help you navigate the following juvenile crime charges:

The purpose of Illinois’ juvenile justice system is to protect society more effectively by attempting to rehabilitate, not just punish, children who commit crimes. A child can be charged as an adult in some cases involving felonies, depending on his or her age and the alleged crime.

I approach all aspects of youth involvement in the justice system from a holistic point of view. I understand that your children are not just “delinquents;” rather, they are young people who deserve the opportunity to grow and develop, to obtain an education and acquire job skills, and to return to and advance in their communities.

I understand that both parents and children are worried about criminal records, jail time and other potentially damaging consequences. I walk my clients through the process, explaining the procedures involved. I will leave no question unanswered as I help you prepare for the best outcome possible.